Safe and natural resolution of allergic conditions
Natural Allergy Therapy


The NHS Choices website says that the best way to manage allergies is avoidance...

...constantly checking packaging and missing out on foods that were once enjoyed, spending a fortune on alternative food products and the list of medications aimed to ease symptoms, missing out on delicious foods at parties or in restaurants... and what if your allergen is house dust or pollen... or worse still you can't identify what is causing your symptoms?

Natural Allergy Therapy involves non-invasive, painless allergy testing and desensitisation to enable your body to deal with the allergen normally again.

The test checks for allergy to foods, drinks, chemicals, environmental allergens such as pollens, dust mites and other airborne chemicals, metals and other materials, bacteria, viruses... and much more.

An initial consultation is 1.5 hours and costs £95, this includes:

  • Taking a detailed medical history and discussing the problem in full - for some people this can take up to half an hour and that is absolutely fine!
  • A non-invasive, safe and painless allergy test with over 420 different potential allergens, this takes around 30-40mins. This is a muscle test and most people are absolutely amazed at how this works and the results achieved!
  • Immediate results of all the allergens which are fully discussed
  • A detailed plan to deal with the allergens if desensitising remedies are required
  • Dietary and nutritional advice if it is needed
Desensitisation is by taking oral desensitising remedies which are taken for 1 week for each allergen. As allergens are dealt with so the immune system is strengthened and allergy symptoms start to disappear!

Quicker follow up appointments are used to check the progress or symptoms and to make sure that the allergen(s) are clear and the body is able to deal with them normally again.

Initial Consultation 1.5 hrs £95

Follow up appointment 30 mins £40

Follow up appointment 1 hr £50

The cost of remedies varies but for most allergens £10.50

Payment by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer whilst on the premises is much appreciated!