Safe and natural resolution of allergic conditions
Natural Allergy Therapy

About Me

How I became an allergy therapist and where my passion came from!

I was lucky enough to be able to give up my (high powered, far too stressful, way beyond 9-5) career when my first child was born in 2005 and vowed that I was not going to go back to that way of life again!

All 3 of my children suffered allergies, my eldest was severely allergic to dairy - a quiche thrown at him at nursery brought him out in hives and at age 7 we were told by the paediatric department of our local Hospital that it was unlikely he'd 'ever' be able to tolerate dairy! It was my youngest who suffered severe reflux and colic, combined with the sleepless nights and lack of medical support that took me on a journey that I have not looked back on.

We discovered Natural Allergy Therapy and after successfully combating the children's allergies in the face of an NHS that couldn't really help, I knew I wanted to help other people to find answers and safe treatment too using this amazing natural approach.

So here I am now, doing what I am so passionate about - helping people to feel great again and continuing to learn about the wonders of the body, by undertaking further studies into other complementary therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to even further help my patients deal with their allergies, stress, nutrition, pain and many related health concerns.

I am a fully qualified Natural Allergy Therapist, a member of the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental therapy, the British Complementary Medicine Association, the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques and the Angelic Reiki Association.