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Allergy and Hyperactivity in Children

You may be surprised to know that allergy and diet can effect hyperactivity. There are often foods that hyperactive children are allergic to that, in part, can contribute to their behaviour. These often include but are by no means limited to cows' milk products, preservatives and colourings, wheat, chocolate, egg, citrus fruits and foods containing salicylates.

Studies have also shown that vitamin deficiencies can also be an issue, in particular deficiencies in calcium, iron, zinc, B1 and B6 and magnesium. These can all effect various bodily functions that can mean a child is more likely to exhibit hyperactive behaviour.

However, please do not be tempted to cut huge food groups from a child's diet or start giving them vitamin supplements. Any dietary changes should be made with advice from a professional.

Allergy testing will identify what foods are contributing to hyperactive behaviour and can also identify vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Desensitisation will allow the body to be able to deal with the allergens normally again.