Safe and natural resolution of allergic conditions
Natural Allergy Therapy

Allergies in Children and Babies

Do you think your child is allergic? It is often so hard to identify allergies in babies and children and often even doctors and health professionals miss potential allergy symptoms. If allergy is suspected medical allergy testing is not a pleasant experience for young children (blood test or skin prick test). The tests are also limited to the most common allergens but any food or substance can be a potential allergen. Natural Allergy Therapy involves a completely safe, pain-free, non-invasive allergy test using over 320 potential allergens and is suitable for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.

There are a host of symptoms that can be due to allergies in babies and children.

In babies and toddlers:

Colic, griping pains and reflux; inability to sleep soundly or early waking; rashes on the skin that may be classed as 'just a milk rash'; spotty, sore nappy rash that just won't clear up or keeps reappearing; a constant runny nose and or sneezing;

In older children:

Reoccurring tummy aches or headaches; hyperactivity; reoccurring infections; glue ear; inability to concentrate; reoccurring dizziness or nausea, and more.